Sunday, 12 January 2014

Meet the Gang :)

Who is Crazy Purple Mama? I hear you ask - well I'm an overweight mum in mid-forties, with purple hair and a little off centre (so they say, who they are is anyone's guess, but there you go).

What do I like to do - well I love baking so will no doubt be sharing my successes and disasters with you - especially as I have various dietary requirements within the family of veggie and gluten, sugar free and low fat!  I adore our dogs - they are a constant source of amusement and comfort, we all pretty much have odd socks now due to all 3 dogs having a thing for chewing out the toes! Watching films, listening to music, taking walks, watching the sea and being with my family.  I am also a huge supporter and like to raise funds for a charity called Invest in ME.

My hubby is Dave who I have known since I was 4 years old, he was the year above me with my sister at primary school and incidentally had the hots for her back then too!  Anyhow, we married in '93 and he has been my greatest supporter and friend ever since.  I have a dog called Taylor (a Border Terrier) who I adore and is the most cuddly, gentle boy you could ever meet.

This is me with my hubby and Taylor below

Earlier I mentioned I was a mum - I have three fabulous daughters who I'll introduce you to now.

Keisha is our eldest and at College studying for her A-levels, she suffers with anxiety, depression and autistic traits among other things, which makes life difficult for her at times.  She has fought hard, despite her difficulties, to gain brilliant GCSE results and move forward into College.  She is vegetarian, loves animals and is incredibly sharp and witty.  She asked me to dread her hair a year ago (so many you tube tutorials were watched) and over a period of 4 days I painstakingly turned her beautiful long brown hair into 43 dreads! She loves piercings, as you can see and is planning on having tattoos when she is 18 too.   Frighteningly she will be getting her provisional driving licence in a few months and be out on the roads of Derby - so if you are in the area - be warned! p.s. Keisha wants me to point out that she has "bitchin' eyebrows!"

Tasha is the middle child, she is a chameleon, always changing the colour of her hair, is incredibly artistic and has a passion for photography.  She has a tattoo kit and is self-taught via you tube tutorials and likes to spend her time creating tattoos on synthetic skin.  Sadly she became ill with ME two years ago after contracting viral meningitis.  Yet despite all her troubles, asthma, IBS, hypermobility, Orthostatic Intolerance, M.E., depression, anxiety and chronic pain, she tries her absolute best to make the most of what she can. She has a wicked sense of humour and is very caring soul.  She has her own puppy - Loki, who is 6 months old and a Pug/Jack Russell Cross.  Poor old Loki only had has balls off last week and so isn't quite the boy he used to be!

Tara, my youngest is hilarious, a fabulous mimic, comic, singer and all round entertainer.  She loves to make videos and photography.  Sadly she developed M.E. at the tender age of 10 years and also has hypermobility, orthostatic intolerance, and IBS  and has been home and schooled via hospital ever since. Despite that she has a wonderful group of friends and enjoys entertaining us all.  She also has her own dog - Skyla Minx, who is a wonderful insecure Border Terrier bitch.

I'll be baking and trying out some new recipes on the guinea pigs that are my family this week - so no doubt I'll catch up with you then and let you know how they worked out.