Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Teenagers & dogs!

Our eldest child is a night owl and frequently up in the wee small hours when the rest of us are tucked up in bed fast asleep.  This all leads to us then banging on her bedroom door in a morning in a bid to get her up and out of bed every 15 minutes or so which is a pain in the proverbial and also wakes up my other two daughters, who struggle to get the restful sleep they need.

Then I saw this (floating about on a post on Facebook again) and thought THANK YOU, I bet whoever invented this was a parent of teenagers too!  It's an alarm clock called Clocky that sits tamely on your bedside table until it's time for the alarm to go off - and then it jumps off the table and runs around your room until you get out of bed to switch it off - how excellent is that?!  If we decide to buy this for her I think I would have to set up a video camera to record her on the first morning she uses it - it would be priceless viewing :)

This is Clocky...

I've had Loki at the vets for his final post-op check and he has been given the all clear (a huge relief as he had a swollen and inflamed wound last week after catching it) thankfully the anti-inflammatory medicine has worked it's magic and his wound has healed beautifully.  He now has full permission to tear about like a banshee and we have finally, after 10 days been able to open the gate onto the lawn and Loki has thoroughly enjoyed pouncing on both Taylor and Skyla biting and pulling their tails to encourage them to chase him and so now I have three damp and muddy pawed dogs lying exhausted, curled up on the sofa together after exploring all the borders and lawn areas again.  Plus, little Loki living up to his name had brought in lumps of moss which had fallen from the roof tiles in the wind and carried them lovingly upstairs into my bedroom to rag all over the floor creating a lovely damp smelling mossy floor covering for me - thank you for that puppy dog!

We've also had more good news via the Hospital School for Tasha and Tara - they now have a home tutor allocated for them.  So, off with The Dave on Friday to meet her at the Hospital and arrange times, days and goals etc  before Tasha and Tara will be introduced to her and then all being well we can start with tuition next week. Another little positive note for my jar :)

My baby girl will be 14 in a few weeks time and when I asked what sort of birthday cake would she like she replied a Capuchin Monkey Cake - erm, unexpected - I anticipated an answer of chocolate or vanilla but not a request to make a monkey cake resembling a bald alien - but there you go.  It would seem that this breed of monkey has taken her fancy and she is desperate for a pet one to call Ditzy and train it to do tricks, she even sent me a text of a breeders details with baby monkeys for sale - don't worry - the answer was a resounding NO (just like her previous requests for large pet spiders as she thinks all spiders are adorable *shudders*).  

However, how on earth do I create a cake to look like this monkey ...

The evil side of me is thinking of creating something entirely different - The Dave was browsing the internet the other day and showed me a cake he had seen which depicts the Bristol Stool Chart - not your usual cake I admit, but we are more than familiar with it due to her IBS.  Not that she will thank you for sharing that with you!

What do you think, should we offer her this cake instead?...

Mind you, not sure she would (or her guests for that matter) be too keen to eat it, so I suppose it's back to the drawing board to work out how to make a good Capuchin monkey cake (no pressure!).  

As a HUGE supporter of the fabulous charity Invest in ME we are (as a family) joining the teams of other supporters around the country in doing a Walk for ME during ME Awareness week in May (I'll talk more about that nearer the time).  Anyway - to help raise awareness and support for our cause I ordered 5 t-shirts and 5 ME Ribbon pin badges for us to wear to help promote the cause AND THEY HAVE ARRIVED! So obviously I have photographed them to share with you and will start wearing my pin badge now - but the t-shirt will have to wait until warmer weather arrives - I'm nesh and so the thought of wearing any less than about 4 jumpers along with thermal socks, tops and scarves right now makes me shudder!

Our t-shirts and pin badges look like this..

Today and tomorrow I will be experimenting cooking with fish - which terrifies me, I have cooked meat - not a problem, but fish is so tricksey - it overcooks so easily and so I am guilty of giving it a wide berth and avoiding cooking it at all costs BUT NOT TONIGHT - I am going to face my fear and attempt healthy fish and chips and have pieces of smoked cod to cook - eeeek! Then tomorrow will play about with haddock, smoked haddock and cod to make individual healthy fish pies - so wish me luck and hope it doesn't all go pear shaped!

I'll leave you with the images of our 3 mental snoring dogs as they sleep off their mischief and hogging all the sofa (so I have to type with my backside perched half off one corner at one end) tsk!

Taylor trying to emulate a doughnut ...

Skyla stretched out for maximum sofa coverage...

and lastly little Loki looking like butter wouldn't melt...