Saturday, 30 May 2015

Tara Wants A Pygmy Goat ~ do we give in, Yes or No?

Tara is our youngest daughter and a huge animal lover, she loves all creatures great and small, llama's, spiders, snakes, cats, dogs, goats, you name it she will mostly probably love it. I have yet to discover a living creature she doesn't like with the exception of just one ~ the dastardly WASP, which is totally understandable after she was stung when she put on her sun hat (like a good girl) as I asked her to and unbeknown to us a wasp had crawled and and stung her viciously twice on the scalp when she popped her hat on! Since then she has had a terrible phobia about them and panics hugely whenever one comes anywhere near.
So ~ goats ~ Tara has been sick with ME for the past 5+ years and is still only the tender age of 15 now. She has found pet therapy to be hugely beneficial on the days when she is unable to move from her bed. It can be lonely for the best of us at these times but for a young person who has friends out and about experiencing life it is devastating. During those times she has found the company of our furry friends hugely comforting.

Now, she has lobbied in the past for a pet Tarantula (not happening in a month of Sundays as I am terrified of spiders).
She was successful with the cats but sadly after 4 years we had to hand them over to a farmer for their end years as they were rescue cats. When we rescued them they hadn't been handled or interacted with for 2 years and sadly they weren't sociable and messed around the house ~ but being great mousers were a godsend as farm cats, so are living out their days in freedom and comfort at a local farm.
Pixie the Aggressive!
Then came Taylor (our now 5 year old Border Terrier dog), 

closely followed by Skyla Minx (Tara's dog which she bought herself with money she had saved) another Border Terrier, but a bitch this time.
Skyla Minx

Then about 18 months later we rescued Loki from a puppy farm and he is a mix breed we think Jack Russel, Pug & Border Terrier mix but can't be sure.

We didn't realise at the time we were going to a puppy farm and thought it was just a farmer whose dog had had a litter of puppies so were shocked when we arrived to see the place and once there couldn't leave our little boy. You can sign the petition to close down the farm here. Sadly the first petition after collecting over 6,000 signatures was taken down due to complaints by the puppy farm itself! So please sign this new one if you can.

We now already have 3 lively pets in the three young dogs, aka "The Hairy Trio"...
The Hairy Trio
So, after the dogs came the NEED for a Cappuchin monkey ~ which lasted about 2 years!! She has finally accepted that nope, a monkey is was absolutely NOT going to happen!
A pet Cappuchin monkey
Now there is the urge to own a pair of Pygmy goats. Yes, I know she loves them ~ whenever we go anywhere that has them she spends ages petting them
Tara with a pair of Pygmy goats

BUT do we give in and get her a pair (preferably as opposed to one) of Pygmy goats or not ~ that is the question?

I feel I should sit on the fence on this one, The Dave is against it but all three girls are for it ~ I really don't know, part of me wants to support Tara and her sisters but then a stronger part of me feels I should stand united with The Dave. Oh, so torn! She and her sisters even got together set up this petition to lobby The Dave into allowing this to happen they put "Sign if you agree that Dave is being a bad egg and should allow Tara to buy herself a goat <3" ~ you can view it here.

Pros & Cons: ~

  • A pygmy(or any goat) will eat your flowers, jump on your car, pee on your couch and eat down your pine trees.  
  • You need to have secure fencing that they cant climb or jump over.  
  • They are like deer, they like the bark of trees and leaves.  
  • They cannot survive on grass and need a good quality hay. 
  • I believe they are lonely if  they dont have a buddy.  Can be a rooster, horse, dog or a cow but if they don't have something they usually cry incessantly!
  • They dont eat everything!  If they are hungry they will try though.  
  • Both male and females have horns unless you have them dehorned and they dont really smell.
  • Pygmy goats are very playful and intelligent and can easily become bored if they don’t have company to play with, which help to make them wonderful pets. As their name implies they are very small compared to regular goats. There is a lot of energy packed into them and they will almost behave like a dog. They will enjoy being handled and will follow you around if allowed.
  • They are extremely robust and will adapt easily in cold climates by creating undercoat which is thick and woolly. 
  • They love people and are extremely sociable. 
  • When they are brought home as pets, it is a must that the horns are removed to avoid harming individuals or even other goats. 
  • These animals can also be infamously inquisitive and sometimes manage to stick their horns into fences or any other restricted places
  • Their diet should primarily consist of grains and greens. It’s advisable to provide items that will enable them to play and enjoy themselves because they like to jump and might even climb on top of small vehicles. 
  • When it comes to housing you should have a suitable open area and shed which is accessible all of the time.
  • If you have other animals at home it would be best to introduce your pigmy goat to this group carefully, because they could be harmed by them. 
  • They are classified as prey animals and as a result you should keep them in appropriate shelters, particularly during the night. 
  • It is a must that they are given fresh water daily, because it’s more than likely that they will not drink it if it’s not fresh.
  • In essence, if you have a pygmy goat for your pet you will not be disappointed because they love to have contact with humans. As long as you are giving this pet the best care in order to keep them healthy and fit, you will end up with the ideal companion for both adults and children.
Arghhhh ~ so undecided, currently thinking no ~ but over to you, what are your thoughts on this? Do any of you have Pygmy goats?