Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Let's Celebrate!

Recently during a conversation with The Dave it transpired that we had lost our belief in the existence of God, which obviously means we no longer class ourselves as being religious. It would be understating the fact to say it was something of an epiphany. Both of us have been brought up to follow the Church of England faith, I sang in the church choir when at primary school, went to Sunday School and we are both christened and I am confirmed. We had our wedding in a church and later had all three of our daughters christened in the same church. So it was part of our life, we just accepted it all without question.

However, the past 17 years have been difficult, we have experienced many challenges both as husband and wife but also as parents. This has slowly impacted on our belief about the world, why things happen and God. It wasn't until recently when it somehow came up in conversation that it dawned on us that we had just been following the path laid out for us without any real conviction. That really, the truth is, after all these years we don't actual believe in God at all. HOWEVER, we are not about making this a huge issue about belief, honestly we don't care whether or not you believe in God if we like you we like you and that's that, we are not anti people who have a faith at all ~ it's just not for us personally any more. 

We have "come out" about this as it impacts on how we live our life and how we make future choices. I feel we should all be allowed to follow what we believe in without discrimination and make life choices accordingly, providing it doesn't impact negatively on anyone or thing.

This epiphany has made it somehow seem important to renew our wedding vows in a none religious ceremony to make it a "real" marriage for us. Legally we have been married since 1993 but we both feel we need to do it again our way to make it feel legitimate. It is also a good time to celebrate the years we have been together, everything we have overcome, that we remain united and stronger than ever. Family, for us, is everything ~ we live for those we love and want to celebrate this with them.

So, we have set the date, the 4th June 2016 will see The Dave and myself renewing our vows in a setting and ceremony that reflects who we are today,. It is something we feel strongly about and hope that our family and friends who are religious can accept our new direction and feel able to join us on the day and celebrate with us.

We are planning it as a low key, joyful celebration of our life together, our daughters and our enduring love. We are excited, it just feels the right thing to do and the right decision for us, new wedding rings and fresh beginning for the next episode of our marriage.

So, I have my veggie month approaching and my weight loss ticker is at the top of this blog ~ I am determined to get down to a healthy size that suits how I feel inside and wear a fabulous purple dress on my second wedding day. We are planning it together as a family, the girls, The Dave and myself are all making sure we all put a piece of our personalities into the day, most of it will be home~made and definitely a casual, happy, lively, fun filled day focusing on happiness,, laughter, family and friendships.

Let's Celebrate!

Friday, 21 August 2015

My Fitness Pal Adventure

Today I dusted off the app that has been on my phone for many months and decided to take steps to regain control of my body.

I see my GP on Wednesday next week to sort out the ME Clinic referral as I have been away in my happy place for the past fortnight and been unable to go. Unfortunately, having ME means exercise is not an option for me ~ bar the swimming pool walking in water with odd bouts of swimming that I do when able.

I have set my targets on my ticker using the app and added to the top of this blog for all to see (keep my motivation going further down the line). The app also has a blog facility for me to post my journey, musings etc with other members. So if you are a member, please add me and we can buddy each other as we go along.

I am opposed to restrictive diets because for me personally that is a sure fire step towards failure, so will make do with keeping within my calorie allowance. The knowledge that I can have whatever I want doesn't necessarily mean I will have it and with that in mind I am hoping that slowly but surely the weight will come off and I will start to feel a little healthier in myself.

So ~ meantime watch this space, hopefully as the weeks pass the ticker will show positive steps are being taken on my "healthier me" journey  :)


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

September Is Going To Be Veggie Month

What on earth have I let myself in for? Chatting to my first born child and inevitably (being a huge foodie) we start talking about food. Keisha is vegan and when we were talking about how rubbish I'm feeling right now (newly diagnosed with ME) she suggested I become vegetarian to see if it helps me feel better. Instantly I refused to consider such abhorrence ~ me give up meat ~ NEVER! How could I cope without ham, beef, chops, chicken ~ cooked in a million different ways ~ how could I possibly give up meat for a whole month, a day yes, but a month ~ seriously?

Thing is, not sure if you are the same, but if someone say's to me, "oh well, if you can't do it" that just gets me all stirred up and needing to prove a point. Now Keisha is a cunning one, she knows exactly how to play me and so got me thinking ~ okay, you know what, I'll show you ~ I can and will do this!

The more I think about it the more it makes sense to try it out too. I don't know if you are aware, but many sufferers of ME have digestive issues. Invest in ME are currently researching the gut to see what the link is...

We have all found we can no longer tolerate lactose and have to have a lactose free diet. Along with high fibre, low fat, and supplements to help keep us going. Sadly upset tummies or constipation are also a regular occurrence for us ~ never normal SO what if a vegetarian diet helps with this? After all, meat is pretty hard for our bodies to digest ~ right? Now looking into this I have found that there are two very different points of view on this subject. One is that humans were designed to eat meat and it is necessary for us to be healthy. Another is that we absolutely should NOT eat meat as it is harmful to our bodies and it just sits in our gut. So, I have found two links arguing both sides for you to read ~ my conclusion personally is if you like meat have some but source it carefully, buy organic free range and try to eat meat free several times a week too. Here are the links, read about the pro meat point of view, then the against meat viewpoint. What do you think? 

I love this article by Jacob Bouvier "Why You Should Eat Meat: A Vegetarian's Perspective" and tend to agree with his point of view. After this challenge, I intend to move towards a 50/50 diet ~ having half a week veggie and the other half with carefully sourced meat.

So, I shall enjoy those meaty BBQ's in August whilst sourcing new and intriguing veggie menus ready for September, rather than run of the mill brown oven food every day I intend to cook some different dishes from scratch, although health dependent, so those oven foods will be necessary on the bad days when cooking is a challenge for me.

I shall be posting my daily dishes on instagram from the 1st September ~ if you want to follow me I'm @tonks69. Plus writing a weekly blog in September covering my journey, menu and any physical changes I experience along the way.

I would very much appreciate your support throughout my journey and any recipes you may wish to share with me too.

If you would like to help me raise funds for my chosen charity of Invest in ME Research then please pop over to read about it on my justgiving page just click this link to get there...
This is the text code for donations if you would rather :) 

Thank you for reading and I am hoping to receive some great recipes in the comments for me to try and I will credit you on instagram and my blog when I cook them :)