Friday, 21 August 2015

My Fitness Pal Adventure

Today I dusted off the app that has been on my phone for many months and decided to take steps to regain control of my body.

I see my GP on Wednesday next week to sort out the ME Clinic referral as I have been away in my happy place for the past fortnight and been unable to go. Unfortunately, having ME means exercise is not an option for me ~ bar the swimming pool walking in water with odd bouts of swimming that I do when able.

I have set my targets on my ticker using the app and added to the top of this blog for all to see (keep my motivation going further down the line). The app also has a blog facility for me to post my journey, musings etc with other members. So if you are a member, please add me and we can buddy each other as we go along.

I am opposed to restrictive diets because for me personally that is a sure fire step towards failure, so will make do with keeping within my calorie allowance. The knowledge that I can have whatever I want doesn't necessarily mean I will have it and with that in mind I am hoping that slowly but surely the weight will come off and I will start to feel a little healthier in myself.

So ~ meantime watch this space, hopefully as the weeks pass the ticker will show positive steps are being taken on my "healthier me" journey  :)