First and foremost let me extend you a warm welcome to my humble blog. 

I mostly write about my life which has highs and lows like any other. It may feature The Dave aka the husband, our daughters & our dogs. I love to bake, read, walk, home-brew and spend time with those who make me laugh.

Due to our intimate dealings with the dastardly ME, my 2 youngest daughters suffer from this chronic incurable illness, I have become a huge supporter of a fundraising group called Let’s Do It for M.E. and like to raise funds for Invest in ME Research with the hope they can find a treatment or even a cure one day (soon I hope).

Two of my daughters also blog;

Keisha my eldest is an aspiring writer and hopes one day to be published, she suffers from social anxiety and depressive disorder with strong Autistic traits yet doesn't allow this to become a barrier to achieving her dreams, you can follow her blog here.

Tasha, my middle born child suffers from moderately severe M.E. and mental health issues which means she is pretty much housebound and can only venture out with the use of a wheelchair. She is incredibly artistic and hopes one day to become a tattoo artist and photographer both, she can only blog intermittently due to her health issues but hopes to share her artistic journey with you here.
You can read my blog post introducing my family here;